About Me

MeHi, there. My name is CC, or Claire (the birth name I never go by). If your attention spans can handle it, read on to know more about me. (If not, I bolded the parts that are probably the most interesting.)

To start, I grew up in a very small town in California – although, not in any part of California that would even remotely be considered “cool.”

Additionally, I am the last of nine children – and yes, we’re all from the same, two, uber Catholic parents. At times, being in an enormous family was difficult (hand-me-downs don’t exactly scream “popular”), but eh…we all made it out alive. Surprisingly, all nine of us have found marginal success in our lifetimes.

After graduating high school, I tried my hand at attending one of those CSU “big-boy” universities, but soon realized that I was not ready for the university life. I returned home, tail between my legs, and begrudgingly attended a local community college. Eventually, after a few wasted years of not knowing what to do with my life, I got my act together and attended SDSU, where I majored in English.

In 2011, I completed my undergrad and immediately enrolled in SDSU’s Teacher Education Program. After two, long and bitter years of hard work, I completed the program and landed my first teaching job as an 8th grade English teacher.

In June of 2015, I accepted a teaching position at my old high school, where I currently teach 9th grade English.

Aside from my education and teaching life, I somehow found the time to fall in love! This was no easy task, however, seeing as I am part of the LGBT community. For many years, I lived a life of loneliness and social solitude due to my overwhelming fear of being ostracized by my family and hometown community. Thankfully, my new fiancée helped me realize that love is a far greater power than the crippling fear of rejection. And while my story of love has not garnered cheers of jubilation from everyone in my life, I am thankful to have received an abundant amount of love and support from the many that have graciously given it to me.

Finally, to further explain why some of you are here, I have many reasons as to why I started up a website and blog. Although education is a vital part of my life, I can no longer ignore my desire to write and develop a career in writing. Even though I have only lived a mere 30 years in this lifetime, I have (thankfully) gathered a substantial amount of knowledge along the way.

With that being said, I humbly ask that you become a part of my new life’s journey. 

Want to know more about me?